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  • More propitious than any other moment in my lifetime

    MarketWatch: “Black Americans whose ancestors were enslaved have been excluded from full citizenship in the United States for the last 247 years — and granting them full citizenship will cost between $13 trillion and $14 trillion, economist William ‘Sandy’ Darity told a conference of fellow U.S. economists last week. […]”

  • The greatest tools for developing tolerance and empathy

    Cosmopolitan: “Whether you’re looking for a deeper exploration of your own history, hoping to educate yourself and view stories through a Black lens, or simply wanting to unwind with a good read, these exceptional books about Black history belong on everyone’s TBR list. […]”

  • The “threat” was Black equality – or rather, Black equity

    Christian Science Monitor: “My cause for surprise wasn’t because I’m a native of the Palmetto State. It came from my political experiences in a Republican stronghold, and my home state’s sordid history of racial injustice. Last January, on the day before the state’s General Assembly convened, I dropped off letters to each state House and […]