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  • Wanted for us to know more about our culture

    Georgia Public Broadcasting News: “Unfortunately, when we encounter figures that are people of color, there’s a tendency to simplify and to make them reassuring. They either have to be really bad or really good. And it doesn’t make them human,” Colomba said. “I think by creating a layered character, it humanizes [Saint Clair]. Being complex […]

  • A reflection of 20th century American society

    The Conversation: “[…] The violence that Basquiat denounces is so present in the cartoon that it seems, to a certain extent, to have become commonplace, like the violence seen on television newscasts (which he probably watched while he was painting). […]”

  • The way that we are portrayed is so insightful, true and pure

    The Hollywood Reporter: “The conflict is between Berniece and Boy Willie in the setup, but the duality of their relationship is a constant in that play like it is between Doaker and Wining Boy; between Lymon and Boy Willie; Lymon, Boy Willie and Avery; between Berniece and everybody. All of these are just a series of […]

  • Emancipation is the root of a lot of this

    Democrat & Chronicle: “It is a pivotal period in our national history — the great day which is to determine the destiny not only of the American Republic, but that of the American Continent,” he wrote in his abolitionist paper Douglass’ Monthly. “Far off in the after coming centuries, some Gibbon with truthful pen, will […]

  • Became a beacon of light

    WKBW: “I just feel for the people, man, I wish I could’ve done more. […] I just felt like it was just the right thing to do, to help people and if I was in that situation I feel like people would do the same.”