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  • A way to face the pressures and dangers of racism

    National Public Radio: “[…] But, you know, I go back to a point that you made earlier about how therapy was associated with people like Woody Allen. And, you know, I’ve always thought that even though that sort of humor is associated with, like, a certain class, if anyone’s going to be neurotic, if anyone […]

  • Make abstaining a lot easier and fun

    Reckon: “There’s space for it because people are more understanding about not drinking and saving money, or just giving their body a break. . . But dry January has always brought some drama [and pressure] around this time of year.”

  • See vegan eating as an opportunity to fight against these challenges

    Bon Appetit: “It’s a huge benefit when I’m trying to communicate why we’re doing what we do,” he says. “All the benefits that come with a plant-based diet, I’ve been able to experience them in a community I’m from, and where people are suffering from a lot of health issues caused by what we eat.”

  • It’s the Black experience

    ProPublica: “You’re told that you have to advocate for yourself, but when you’re in a melanated body and you advocate for yourself, it’s not taken seriously. If you raise your voice, you’re being abusive or abrasive. If you say you know something, you’re automatically shown that you don’t know as much as you think you […]