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  • Whitewashing history and hiding difficult truths from students

    Washington Post: “I can’t tell the story of the Newberry Six without expressing my disgust for the lynching of a pregnant woman,” said Dunn, 82, a professor emeritus at Florida International University. “As a teacher who has spent 30 years going from place to place in Florida where the most atrocious things have happened, I […]

  • She so much wanted to be included

    Rutland Herald: “Through that kind of eavesdropping, I learned so much about my relatives they didn’t necessarily tell me to my face, especially as a child, and there were a few particular stories that always stuck with me,” Jennings said. “As I got into writing, my immediate impulse was to dramatize them into plays. I […]

  • This is going to add richness and depth to our history

    Lexington County Herald: “Through a $15,000 grant from the state Department of Archives and History and matching funds from the city government, Cayce is bringing in a company to search for and assess the preservational needs of Black cemeteries. […]”

  • A story or history that is important for us to understand

    NHPR: “Carroll said archivists will be thinking about various questions as they continue their work: how people of color in the region connected with one another; how it felt to be one of a few Black people in town at the time; why many of these families didn’t seem to stick around long; and how […]

  • Reflecting the nature of structural violence experienced in enslavement

    Live Science: “The distribution of African ancestries among the first-generation African individuals indicates that they were being transported from disparate areas of the African continent during the last half of the 18th century,” Fleskes and colleagues wrote in the paper.