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  • Whitewashing history and hiding difficult truths from students

    Washington Post: “I can’t tell the story of the Newberry Six without expressing my disgust for the lynching of a pregnant woman,” said Dunn, 82, a professor emeritus at Florida International University. “As a teacher who has spent 30 years going from place to place in Florida where the most atrocious things have happened, I […]

  • True impact in this country for the last 85 years

    Philadelphia Inquirer: “I think it’s the power of Black magic,” Houston, 47, a Fairmount resident, said. “As moms, you go hard and do what you need to do for your children. By keeping children at the focus, it gives you that extra push. And it’s the sheer determination to teach our children and give them […]

  • The greatest tools for developing tolerance and empathy

    Cosmopolitan: “Whether you’re looking for a deeper exploration of your own history, hoping to educate yourself and view stories through a Black lens, or simply wanting to unwind with a good read, these exceptional books about Black history belong on everyone’s TBR list. […]”

  • They didn’t see it as a sport for women of color

    VOA News: “I feel like it’s nice to show that Black girls can do it, too,” Cromartie said. “We have a team that’s 100% of people of color and you’ve never seen that before anywhere. … I feel like we have a point to prove.”

  • They could also read and write in multiple languages

    The Brink: “It was shocking,” says Ngom, who has helped build a vast digital library of Ajami texts at BU. “It was so shocking to me when I realized how misguided I was as a result of my training, which is a French-based system. But not only were my dad and many people like him […]