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  • Calm and peaceful and authentic within that space

    KQED: “The Museum of the African Diaspora is about reflecting the beauty and wholeness of our people,” Jackson says. “It would be remiss to overlook that food is part of our artistry — it’s part of the way that our people find survival and celebration.”

  • Wanted for us to know more about our culture

    Georgia Public Broadcasting News: “Unfortunately, when we encounter figures that are people of color, there’s a tendency to simplify and to make them reassuring. They either have to be really bad or really good. And it doesn’t make them human,” Colomba said. “I think by creating a layered character, it humanizes [Saint Clair]. Being complex […]

  • She so much wanted to be included

    Rutland Herald: “Through that kind of eavesdropping, I learned so much about my relatives they didn’t necessarily tell me to my face, especially as a child, and there were a few particular stories that always stuck with me,” Jennings said. “As I got into writing, my immediate impulse was to dramatize them into plays. I […]

  • A reflection of 20th century American society

    The Conversation: “[…] The violence that Basquiat denounces is so present in the cartoon that it seems, to a certain extent, to have become commonplace, like the violence seen on television newscasts (which he probably watched while he was painting). […]”

  • Each wall takes you along that journey

    Iowa Public Radio: “BLACK THREAD is designed to raise questions about freedom, about family stories, knowledge of self, transformation, and then there’s a component that goes into the larger conversation behind this movement of six million people, when we’re looking at labor and the U.S. economy,” Wells said. “That’s where the sewing machine comes in […]

  • I was living out a series of ideas about myself

    New York Times: “At the end of the workday, he would finish off a roll of black-and-white film with self-portraits for his grandmother back home, to demonstrate that despite having been a sickly child, he was in robust health. Showing off in front of the painted backdrops he used for his clients, he would put […]