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  • Reflecting the nature of structural violence experienced in enslavement

    Live Science: “The distribution of African ancestries among the first-generation African individuals indicates that they were being transported from disparate areas of the African continent during the last half of the 18th century,” Fleskes and colleagues wrote in the paper.

  • I was living out a series of ideas about myself

    New York Times: “At the end of the workday, he would finish off a roll of black-and-white film with self-portraits for his grandmother back home, to demonstrate that despite having been a sickly child, he was in robust health. Showing off in front of the painted backdrops he used for his clients, he would put…

  • More second-language speakers than native ones

    The Conversation: “[…] Swahili lacks the numbers of speakers, the wealth, and the political power associated with global languages such as Mandarin, English or Spanish. But Swahili appears to be the only language boasting more than 200 million speakers that has more second-language speakers than native ones. […]”