Born on the Fourth of July … a.k.a. Juneteenth, C.P.T.

  • Interested in exploring our love stories

    Book Riot: “Not only was it great to be in a Black space, where certain norms were expected and language was understood, but it was a magnificent reminder of the vast history that romance centering Black people and Black stories has been around for a long ass time. […]”

  • Her life as a working musician and cultural force

    Guitar Girl Magazine: “As an amateur guitarist, I was initially motivated to write the book out of my lifelong ride-or-die love for all types of rock music (from Son House to Rosetta to Memphis Minnie to Band of Gypsys to Sonic Youth to Neil Young to Jimi Hendrix to Arthur Lee to PJ Harvey to…

  • Became a beacon of light

    WKBW: “I just feel for the people, man, I wish I could’ve done more. […] I just felt like it was just the right thing to do, to help people and if I was in that situation I feel like people would do the same.”

  • It’s the Black experience

    ProPublica: “You’re told that you have to advocate for yourself, but when you’re in a melanated body and you advocate for yourself, it’s not taken seriously. If you raise your voice, you’re being abusive or abrasive. If you say you know something, you’re automatically shown that you don’t know as much as you think you…

  • More second-language speakers than native ones

    The Conversation: “[…] Swahili lacks the numbers of speakers, the wealth, and the political power associated with global languages such as Mandarin, English or Spanish. But Swahili appears to be the only language boasting more than 200 million speakers that has more second-language speakers than native ones. […]”